Sit, Learn, Play, Win

I figured out that while playing casino games you have to know what to do and when to stop, if you decide not to stop you can still keep winning, if it is online roulette or poker or bridge or fruit machines or anything else you have to compare it to surfing, professional surfers know exactly how to surf on every wave, professionals in casinos know how to benefit from the wave as much as possible and use it for their benefit.

My personal advice is that sometimes you have a great spree of luck or in other words an enormous wave, since you are so excited and have such a rush while dreaming what you can do with the money you figure out(mislead) that you are unvincible, in two seconds your amount will be zero, if you do get a chance to win big time don’t get too excited, pick your favourite casino and always try to be aware when to continue or double, stop or switch tables.

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