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Japanese Naval Marshal General Isoroku Yamamoto is credited with saying, upon achieving complete surprise in the daring attack on Pearl Harbor by Japanese naval forces on 7 December 1941, “I fear that all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

According to some fairly prominent historians, there is no conclusive evidence of Yamamoto ever having said this, but it was a really cool movie line at the end of the 1970 film depicting the attack, Tora! Tora! Tora!

Still other historians, with the benefit of hindsight, have claimed that the only ones surprised on the day were the Japanese. Their evidence consists of documents that indicate that Winston Churchill advised U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt of the attack well in advance. These same historians consider the fact that the U.S. aircraft carrier fleet was conveniently absent from Pearl Harbor, and not only absent, but located far to the north and east of Hawaii, far beyond the range of Japanese planes.

Barring some discovery of conclusive evidence, however, the truth may never be known.

The U.S. is again a sleeping giant in the early stages of the 21st century.

Whilst the rest of the world, at least the developed world where there is some semblance of self-determination presented to the populace, has embraced and learned to prosper from online gambling, the U.S. has continued to take the same isolationist approach that almost gave Europe to Hitler prior to 1941.

Only three states, Nevada, New Jersey and Maryland, permit online gambling. It would seem that the U.S. is awakening from its slumber, but predictions vary wildly as to when the entire country will open up and accept the reality.

When that does finally happen, perhaps by the end of the current decade, who will be best prepared to benefit from the profit potential of millions of people with disposal income in the most prosperous country that has ever existed?

Will it be one of the big bookmakers or casino corporations that already have the infrastructure in place and years of experience?

Would you be willing to wager on Google, Amazon or Facebook, all of which have users galore that they can market with free bets and bonuses that would make the offers typically seen now seem paltry by comparison?

That might make a great wager right there. What do you think?

There are many ways of playing online baccarat . You could either choose to go the money way, or play it for free. You only choose the style or path you think will work well for you. There are online casinos where there it is free for players to play their trade without parting with their hard earned cash. If you are still a new player in baccarat online, then you will need to apply and improve your skills by visiting the sites where you are allowed to compete for free. There are also other sites like PaddyPower where you can play live casino baccarat whenever you wish. If you still don’t know how to play this game, these sites which allow people to play for free, will work wonders for you.

You can play free baccarat either offline or online. People from all walks of life love to play baccarat. What they may not agree on is whether they must report to a traditional casino to play this game or not. The game provides the lovers of this game with a platform from which to play this game from the comforts of their homes, offices or even cars. There is no limit as to when you can plan this game. You can sign in to the website in question early in the morning or late at night to try your luck in this game by competing against other online baccarat players.

This is a game you can play directly on the appropriate website or download and install on your own system before playing. It is possible for you to play baccarat when competing with other players or against the computer. Whether you are playing against other players or a computer, your ultimate goal ought to always be play your best hand at all times. If you do this, then you improve your chances of winning.

Are you wondering if it is a legitimate opportunity or trying to discover where all of this ‘free’ money comes from? For many internet users the idea that a web site would be willing to give away money just to attract players to their site to enjoy games of chance seems ridiculous. The fact of the matter is there are several things on the internet that do not make sense and trying to figure them out can be a long and arduous process. The internet is just as capable of revealing valuable information as it is in keeping it hidden.

The majority of web sites that offer an online casino bonus are affiliate web sites for a parent partner online gambling entity. These affiliate web sites are paid a commission for attracting new players and getting them to register. Some sites offer no deposit bonus at all, but these are less attractive for players. This money is then used to make the offers for ‘free’ money to those that are registering for an initial account. This money is never really given away for ‘free.’ It is always tied into the registration and deposit making habits of the interested visitor. The term ‘free’ is used because it is a very powerful word even in today’s society where most of the planet should know by now that nothing is ever given for ‘free.’

The online casino bonus offered by one web site will be completely different from that of a competitor. One web site will offer up to $500.00 for ‘free’ when the new member makes a deposit of $500.00 when opening an account. Another web site will offer $500.00 worth of ‘free’ money requiring the visitor to make a deposit of $250.00. What causes this discrepancy is the commission agreements the affiliates have in place with the existing parent web site.

A casino is a place where people can play a lot of gambling games. The main essence of a casino is that it has all types of games for all sorts of players. The advent of Internet has made online casinos highly popular and hence today more and more people are now being attracted to the online casinos. The following are some of the types of casino games that are mostly played in a casino.
Blackjack: A blackjack is a game, which is played by cards. Due to the fun and excitement involved in the game, it has become a highly popular game in a casino.

Poker: This is in fact one of the most popular casino games played in the entire world. Many people today are playing poker in a physical, an online casino, and winning pots of money.

Roulette: Roulette is also another type of game, which is most widely played by people who visit casino. In this, the players bet on a number and win if the ball on the wheel stops at the number on which a person has placed his/her bet.

These were some of the most common types of online casinos games that are played these days in a casino.

Many games can be found online today, and the casual fan has plenty of options when choosing one. The gambling industry off course is no different, and when one has to decide where to play or rather what to play, well, it can be confusing at times. There are Online Betting sites by the thousands. You can try poker, blackjack, slots and bingo. you can do that in any language you choose (well, almost any..) and whenever you choose to online.

Off course, there are plenty of bogus practices as well, and from them, you really needs to be care full. The web is crawling with spammers and scammers who only wish to take your money in various ways. for the people who play online, the risk is doubled. I mean, here there are people who already use their credit card, looking to have some fun while playing for some cash, and sometimes unaware of the sites they are giving their details to. It is wise to go with a familier brand, and not temp to jump on the first site you will see in the search engines. They are often not the site you will trust your life with…


Baccarat is an ancient Italian game which travelled to France in the fifteenth century where, known as Chemin de Fer, it became a casino favorite, particularly amongst the high rolling aristocracy. Here we will look at some of the game’s fundamental concepts.

There are two game positions. These are the banker and the dealer. Bets are placed by all players who are in on the hand by wagering on either a win for the banker, for the player, or a tie. Generally ties pay out at eight times the original wager, whilst the other results are paid out at even money. One reason why Baccarat is so popular amongst the high rollers, who have been known to stake over a million pounds in a single evening, is that the casino enjoys only a small rake-off and that only happens when the winner is the bank.

After bets have been placed, the first deal is two cards which are dealt face up to the bank and the player positions. Scores are calculated by adding up the cards face values with all face cards and tens counting zero points. The ace is counted as one point. If the total score is 10 or more than the first digit is discarded (so that 10 scores zero points).

If either hand has an 8 or a 9 that is the end of the deal. It the player score is five or less then another card is dealt to the player. Next it is decided whether or not the dealer receives another card. If the player did not receive another card and the banker scored less than 6 then the banker receives another card.

If the player did draw a card, then whether or not the banker also does so depends on the relative score of the banker and player.
In cases where the player drew a 2 or a 3 and the Banker has score of four or under, then the banker receives an additional card. This also happens if the player drew a 4 or a 5 and the banker’s score was under 5, if the player’s card was a 6 or a 7 and the banker has under 6, if the player drew and 8 and the banker had under 2, and finally if the player drew a picture cars or a ten or an ace and the banker had 3 or less.

The winning position is the one that has a score that is closest to 9 and if both hands score the same a tie is declared. Ties pay out at 8 to 1 and other wins are paid at even money.

I believe that a businesslike approach to poker games is important if you want to make a success of the game. Many players though believe that the way to make good money playing poker is to move on up through the levels. In fact some players who have done this have had good initial runs of success mainly down to variance. A lack of proper bankroll management and being up against very good technical players has led to the downfall of many poker players.

Personally I think that players who have ambition to test themselves against the best are looking at poker all wrong. I guarantee that any player who has this philosophy is highly likely to fail. Also if your ambition is to play with Phil Ivey or Doyle Brunson and to be on the same table as them is hardly testing yourself is it? To test yourself against the best involves continually playing with them for tens upon tens of thousands of hands.

So if you happen to knock Phil Ivey out of the main event of the WSOP then this is hardly going up against and beating the best is it? My own personal poker philosophy went along these lines once upon a time and I thought that in order to be somebody in poker then you had to play at a serious level to do so. I think this line of thinking is not only wrong but it is also extremely counter productive. There are different skills associated with making very good money online that have nothing whatsoever to do with playing poker hands. (more…)

I figured out that while playing casino games you have to know what to do and when to stop, if you decide not to stop you can still keep winning, if it is online roulette or poker or bridge or fruit machines or anything else you have to compare it to surfing, professional surfers know exactly how to surf on every wave, professionals in casinos know how to benefit from the wave as much as possible and use it for their benefit.

My personal advice is that sometimes you have a great spree of luck or in other words an enormous wave, since you are so excited and have such a rush while dreaming what you can do with the money you figure out(mislead) that you are unvincible, in two seconds your amount will be zero, if you do get a chance to win big time don’t get too excited, pick your favourite casino and always try to be aware when to continue or double, stop or switch tables.

There isn’t only one way of playing “real” bingo. In fact, even in the same country different variations of the game can be found, making it even more exciting. Regular bingo games, in their standard form, are the ones where the players have to cover a pattern. That could be an L shape, a line, and so on. The winner is the person who finishes this first.
In a combination of bingo games, however, several patterns may be used over the course of the night. The prizes can be won by the player who completes a pattern, like in the standard game. The game can start off asking for a blackout, and then change to a L shape in the next game, changing again to a line afterwards.

For any regular casino visitor, the rules of games such as Craps, Roulette, Blackjack and many forms of poker will be like knowing the backs of their hands. Yet there is often more to see and do in an online casino than the same old traditional games. Variety is, after all, the spice of life, and perhaps why an increasing number of games are springing up on casino sites in order to keep players enticed with games both new and old. One such game enjoying a current resurgence in popularity is backgammon, the intricacies of which need to be understood before any venture is made therein. (more…)

People around the globe are always fascinated with the celebrity lifestyle. Big mansions, glitz, glamour, a slew of entertainment options – celebrities seem to have it all. But underneath the obvious allure, and huge savings accounts, most still live relatively simplistic lives and enjoy things you or I would. (more…)

The World Series of Poker starts is June. Many bridge players are usually solid poker players also. You can win entries to WSOP tournaments on most poker sites online. For complete WSOP coverage and later on also WSOP results, you can visit Their WSOP coverage is usually really good.

Whist is a card game that’s played around the globe in a variety of styles. It is considered by many that Whist is originated in Turkey, where the English learned to play and then brought it to the United States along with slavery. It seems quite clear that the game is modified by every society that it’s played in. Better known card games such as, Bid Whist, Spades, and Bridge are the game’s successors.

During slavery in the United States, plantations owners forbid their slaves to become literate in fear that that this would lead to an uprising. Yet the slaves were allowed to learn to count, therefore keeping track of the cotton stacks and other harvests, slaves were permitted to play cards. Since Whist was the popular game of the century and most plantation owners desired to be thought as `nobility`, they played the game taught them by the Europeans. Slaves put their own turn on Whist and Bid Whist lives on today.

You no longer need to travel to a land based casino for your gambling excitement. The growth of online casinos means all casino games including blackjack, roulette and slots are now available on your home or office PC, even your mobile phone.

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